Power of gratitude

I cannot describe how much my life has changed since I’ve started walking on the path of gratitude. The more appreciation I have for the people and things I’m surrounded with, the more good things I’m attracting in my life.

For many years I was always looking from the perspective of things I’m lacking in my life. Now I live in abundance. Same was for my crafts, I always compared myself to this professional artists with this fancy studios with all stamps, dies and every single colour of ink pad which was ever released.

This hasn’t serve me any good. I was feeling that I’m not good enough, that I have no enough experience, knowledge, supplies… For many years I was watching and admiring tutorials of others, yet I didn’t had enough courage to make my own, thinking I will start to film when I will only have this or that…

When I’ve become a mum my life has changed entirely. In order to raise my son to a brave man, who’s living his life happily, up to it’s full potential, who’s ready to reach for his dreams… I needed to become a lightening example. I committed myself to finally become a person, who I always wanted to be. I invested is self growth, started to listening to positive messages and inspirational audiobooks.

Then things started slowly change…

Not long ago for the very fist time I’ve looked around my craft room and I’ve thought to myself, how many beautiful things I have, which I haven’t been appreciate enough. Some of supplies I haven’t even use. At this moment I felt so lucky to have all of these amazing materials.

Not long after I start feeling gratitude, a lovely lady visit me at my work. She is a retired art teacher. I could not believe, when she told me that she is going to do a craft room clear out and she would like me to have some of her stuff. She brought me a bunch of stamp sets and said that next week she will bring me some more.

These are the beautiful stamps I’ve received from that lovely lady.

I’ve made her a thank you card, but I also wanted to do something special. To honour her gift I’ve decided to make her a set of cards with some of the stamps she gave me. If I had enough time I would do a card with each one of them. But i had to choose something so I’ve decided to use a beautiful rose mini background stamp.

Unfortunately, when I finished it was already dark night, so I had to use a lamp for the photos, so they not look as pretty as in day light.

Here are some close up looks for these lovely cards I’ve made.

It’s a boy

Hello my Sunshines,

I love pastel colours, that is why I really do love making all sorts of maternity leave, baby shower or welcome baby cards. This is an exploding box I’ve made for my friend from work, when she was leaving for her maternity.

The box is 8 inch tall (around 9 with lid on it) and it has a square base 4 by 4 inches.
I used 12 x 12 soft pastel double sided paper, and lined it with pearl cardstock in the shade of blue, which I also used to cut out the sign ‘It’s a boy’ on the top.
All messages in these circles I’ve printed on the copy paper, cut them out and put some shiny blue foil over it using my mink machine.
All flowers and leaves are also handmade by me. I cut them out from scraps of paper and then coloured them and shaped flowers with shaping mould. I’ve added some pearls and stamens for extra interest.
The baby cot is also made from white cardstock. I’ve filled it with a piece of blue tulle, and I’ve put some lace ribbon underneath, which I fold in a rosette shape.
This is how the closed box presents itself from the side.
And here is one more look from the top.
I’m really happy and delighted from the way it turned out.

I wish to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you, for taking your time and visited me today. If you would like to see more inspiration please subscribe to my blog and if you would like to help me grow you can share this post with your friends. I wish you a wonderful evening and I hope to see you soon xx.

First birthday card

Hello my Sunshines,

It’s been a crazy couple of days, and I’ve been extremely busy with my own work as well as with my crafts. I have plenty projects started, but nothing finished, and those ones, which are finished I cannot post yet, as they’ve not been given.

I’ve also spent some time to update this new blog. and I hope you will like this new look. So if you can please let me know in the comment bellow, what are you thinking about it and what else I could do to improve it. I will much appreciate your feedback and I’m always very grateful for any opportunity to learn and grow.

Today I’ve decided to share with you a card I’ve made a quite some time ago, for our friends son on his first birthday and I’m really pleased with this final results.

I love this soft blue/red colour combo!
I’ve used mink foil machine and a paper punch to make inside look more elegant.
I add this wooden embellishment for extra interest.
I used foam pads to give dimension to the banner sign, which is attached to 3 mm ribbon.
This little elephant comes from Humphreys Corner paper collection., which was a free gift in one of the crafts magazines.

Thank you so so much for visiting my blog. I wish you all a wonderful afternoon. I’m sending you my love and I hope to see you soon xx

Holy communion card

Good morning my Sunshines,

Just a quick post to share this beautiful card, which I’ve made for my nice. I love it so much and I’ve made sure that the card is beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. I hope you will like it too.

Wish you all a happy Friday and see you soon xx

I love this insert look so much!
I used Mink machine to add gold foil to the message.
Couple green leaves to add extra pop of colour
and for more interest I’ve also added little pearls

When things doesn’t go your way…

Hello my beautiful friends💜💜💜
I normally show the finish effect of my work, but this is also a part of my days. I was planning to make this quick thank you card, while my son had his nap. Oh well, will have to do another one tonight, when he will go to sleep again. Not everything goes according to our plans, but the main thing is to not lose your good mood. Now my face is all covered in purple patches and I look like I would jump out straight from that Milka chocolate commercial💜🍫. This mean one thing, it’s time for a wee break and nice cuppa of hot chocolate😋☕️ At least we all had a good laugh in my home. 😂😂😂
Despite this little bloomer I still like that card very much.

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