Wind in the sails…

My friends,

How are you all??

I’m just marvellous!!! Although I already know I’m not going to complete my reorganizational plan in 100 %. Three days is definitely not enough to do so. Also having a little helper around make some of the tasks taking twice longer than usual… But I’m thrilled to report to you, my friends, that I’m definitely on the right pathway.

The reorganization is not completed but I already feel this freshness and wind in my sails and all I did was going over some of my most cluttered drawers and trying to find a home for goodies that were all over the place. I still have plenty of things to sort out, but I’ve decided to more or less tackle it up as need to get myself ready for my big day tomorrow.

Having this amazing opportunity given me by Craft Stash I will have a chance to present to you my way of creating shaker cards. The thing I’m most excited about is a chance to create on Facebook live and have a chat with everyone.

I’m a little bit disappointed that I didn’t manage to go over all of my stuff. But even though I’m proud of myself as I’ve managed to do the most important thing. I’ve started… I’ve made that first step, which was the hardest one and the one I was notoriously postponing and this is what I’m holding on to and what motivates me.

I wish I didn’t forget to take a photo how messy this drawer was before I’ve started organising

It literally took me ages to go over some of those boxes…

My next step will be to quickly clean my desk and sort my materials for tomorrow live. I won’t manage to create a new video today but I wanted to share with you a few others, which I haven’t been sharing on my blog yet.

I also wanted to share with you that Craft Stash is having a fabulous sale on their magazines and you can purchase them at a fantastic 50% off price This promotion will last only till tomorrow, so if you missed some issues you wished to buy now it is a perfect time to do so:

Here are few of these promotional magazines and my creation made out of them:







I hope you enjoy my creations and you will stay tuned to see more of my crafty journey. If you decide to do so, please subscribe to the newsletter so you are not going to be miss my other posts.

And just to let you know my friends, I’m a part of a Craft Stash affiliate programme and links I’ve used are also a part of this programme. Clicking on them does not affect the price you are paying while making your purchase. By using one of those links I’m giving you here or underneath my YouTube videos and other social media, you are supporting me and my family as Craft Stash is paying me a little commission for every time you are buy anything from the store by visiting it via one of my links, for which I’m very grateful as this helps me to support family and helps me to bring you more inspiration and videos.






Last night I’ve started the biggest job I could ever schedule for myself in my craft studio… This had to be done for so long but it’s been one of those jobs on which I was really procrastinating…


This is so overdue and I need it more than anything else. For the past few weeks maybe even the last few months there’s been a significant change in my crafting journey. I literally feel like I’ve been swapped from an old crapy car into a brand new Porsche and now from going 5 mph, all of the sudden I’m on the full speed… I’ve been blessed with so many opportunities and started so many projects that I feel like I need to finally face my biggest issue in order to be able to move forward and to be able to deliver to all of these opportunities on the professional level as they all deserve it.

Some time ago I read a wonderful book called “Eat that Frog”, which was written by Brian Tracy. This is basically about facing your biggest, most important and usually most unwanted task first thing in the morning so the rest of your day will feel like a piece of cake.

You will ask what is my frog then???

Well as much as I do not want to admit it, it is the mess in my studio. And I know at this point things are so bad that this frog has become a giant toad!

For the past months, I’ve been trying to use every single second I had, whenever my son was sleeping or playing with his dad to create and craft leaving this tedious job of cleaning for another day and then without even noticing days become weeks, weeks become months and so on… Partially because as I’ve mentioned I’m a mum and most of my days are filled with time spent with my little favourite person in the world❤️ so whenever I have a minute to work in my studio I tend to choose actual creating over cleaning and organizing.

Stuff started to pilling up and in order to avoid this visual clutter most of them ended thrown in random drawers, wherever I had a little bit of space I quickly filled it up with clutter.

This is not a sustainable way at all!!!

But it was never my plan though… I just filled one of my drawers with random junk, leftover papers and whatever was on my desk at that point… so I could quickly sit down to crafting and create something before my son’s nap time will be over.

And then…. without me even realising it, all my drawers and shelves started filling with random goodies, which weren’t supposed to be there! it is like gaining a little weight… oh I’m not worrying, after all, it is just a pound or two… not a biggie! And one day you wake up two stone heavier (but that’s another frog I need to eat and I need to deal with it ASAP🙈)

The gauntlet has been thrown, so to speak. My beloved husband agreed to help me and from this Monday coming he took a week holiday from work to stay home with our son so I could finally reorganise my space to make it up to the professional level that I need it to be.

So what am I doing here? should I not be going over that stuff from one on my junky drawers? Well… I probably should. But I also know if I won’t take that 30 minutes to write this post and make myself accountable in front of you my friends, I may not complete my job and once this week will finish I will be in exactly the same position as I am today.

This is a real disaster! I feel like I’m starting to spinning around, as finding misplaced tools, ink pads or stamp sets takes way too much of my time and really stress me out. This is why I’ve decided to say to myself: “STOP MARTA!!! You can’t do what you do now…”

My plan is to use this week to clean up all my drawers and make sure all my items are having a home, dedicated space where they will be put back once no longer in use. I will try to document my progress and that way make myself accountable for completing this job, as I’ve already tried this several times without success. The last time it was just three months ago when we were moving houses and you would think why did you not do it back then? After all, that was a perfect opportunity to go over my stuff while packing…

Well, I really had a great start and took that time to sort my paper collections, which I’m happily reporting, that I’m managing to still keep in order after 3 months time. But then we had to give the keys to our house much quicker than we thought so to speed things up with removal, I ended up wrapping up all my drawers with kitchen foil and drove them from one place to another with all the clutter inside… and as much embarrassed is to admit few of them are still intact since the day we moved into the new house.

And here I will stop this post. I just finished my cup of coffee and time to get some work done! I hope you won’t find this blog post too long or too boring.

Lastly I will just quickly share with you my latest creation I’ve made to shout out about this fabulous deal at Craft Stash:

I hope you will enjoy my cards and if you would like to check this sale here is a link to it.


And just to let you know my friends, this is an affiliate link, which does not affect the price you are paying while making your purchase. By using one of those links I’m giving you here or underneath my YouTube videos and other social media, you are supporting me and my family as Craft Stash is paying me a little commission for every time you are buying anything from the store by visiting it via one of my links, for which I’m very grateful as this helps me to add to my family budget.

The sale codes are as follow:

❤️ Thank you so very much for visiting my blog. I’m wishing you all a fabulous day. ❤️

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ STAY BESSED. HUGS. MARTA ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

how I became a self-made designer…

My friends,

Today I’m sharing with you a quick story… it will be about one little girl who was always afraid to even try… and as you may guess this little girl is me…

For many years I had a dream in my heart that I wanted to become a full-time crafter designer and rather than keep my crafts a side hobby I dreamed of being able to do what I love and make enough of it to keep my bread on the table.

But having dreams is one thing. It turns out, that much harder one is to actually work on them. For many years I was only wondering in my head how lovely it would be to work as a full-time artist and create my own brand of crafty products… But besides the daydreaming there was no much action to follow and as you can guess no results either.

Years were flying by but nothing was changing. The actual breakthrough came with my son. My little precious baby boy who couldn’t even speak gives me the most valuable lesson.

While I was watching him it hit me with that obvious truth… he never doubts himself not even for a second. If he couldn’t raise his head up or grab a toy with his tiny fingers he would try over and over and over and over again until he finally made it. Me quite opposite… I talked myself out from almost every opportunity I was given. If there was a tiny little chance that I could fail on that this would prevail me from even trying.

This really hit me. Did I ever even try hard enough to have this standing to justify my complaints? Of course not! How come this is possible that this little baby got so much perseverance when I have so little of it. I honestly felt embarrassed… embarrassed that I’ve been bragging about how I cannot move forward when I’m not even trying hard, well… forget trying hard I’m not even trying at all. I’ve been dressing myself up with another layer of excuses: I don’t know how to do it, I don’t have the equipment, don’t know where to start, don’t know if anyone would be interested in it… and so on, so on…

This had to be changed!

Apart from my precious little baby the help come in from my lovely friends and crafty family over the Craft World, they showed me so much love and support that I finally had to say it to myself: “Marta if not now then when???”

One thing I learned over the years of my life is that time is never right. We could always use another hour, another day, another week, month, year or decade… but do we really have all this time? So for the very first time I’ve jumped straight into these deep waters…. and guess what? I didn’t get drowned. All my fears which were holding me back for many years turn out to be unfounded projections on my own overthinking process.

I did it!!! My friends, I did it!! And maybe that may not seems like a huge thing. And I may not reach the summit of Mount Everest, but I did it! I reject my fears and not only survived but start flourishing.

And yes…but creating a few designs I didn’t become a world well-known designer or founded my own paper company, which turned into a huge success… but what I did is mine and most importantly for myself I’ve opened the door which were locked for many years and once I put some lights on my fears they turned nothing but that bogeyman under the bed, which gives us freight but doesn’t really exist.

I hope my story will help those who are scared to start something they hold dearly in their hearts… If you are one of them my friend please please do not give up! Whatever spark God give you in your heart please follow that dream, find that inner child who has this powerful mindset of trying things until succeeded. I’m wishing you that with all my heart and praying for your determination, perseverance and prosperity in fulfilling your own dreams.

And here I wish to share with you the videos of my designs… I did 3 so far and I’m still learning but I love it and being able to create and share it with others is what really brings me the joy.




I hope you enjoyed today’s blog my friends and I hope it will encourage you to follow your own dreams. I’m not on the top of the mountain but I’ve made my first steps into this journey and this year for a change I’ve decided to jump into every opportunity I will be given… and so far I can say that in these quick five months period from when I’ve started designing I did and probably achieved more that over the past 9 years of my cardmaking adventure. Do I regret that I haven’t started earlier? I’m trying not to, however… Even that we try hard to not live in the “Regretland” I’m sure you all have the same thought in regards to your own decisions and things which you failed to even try. What if….? So to avoid that haunting question of “what if?”…. just let go of all that limiting believes and give yourself chance to try.


My BIG DAY with Craft Stash ❤️

Hey Friends,

At first I wish to say a huge thank you to everyone who visited my blog yesterday after this awfully long break. Thank you so much my friends for being here and for your lovely messages I’ve received. I’ve also noticed few new friends signing up as well and thank you everyone, this all really motivated me to jump on and write today post as well.

I’m not sure if I keep up with making post everyday but will try at least 2-3 times a week.

Today I’ve been very busy creating some inspiration, which I cannot share with you just jet. But I’ve decided to share with you my big day with Craft Stash. As you may know from my last post I recently joined Craft Stash Design Team. This was something I was secretly dreaming about but it come to me so unexpectedly. Around February time the Craft Stash Boss has contacted me with offering me position in the Team. Usually big companies are organizing that Design Team Call for which everyone applies and than they get to choose the suitable candidates, but for me to be contacted this way it really made me feel appreciated, awarded and really really special. This was one of the best news and best days for a long time and I’m so grateful and thankful for this opportunity to be given to me ❤️

Not long after me joining the team I was offered to join Lou Collins on one of her Friday lives. And off course I agreed straight away, even thought in my head I was screaming “You are not ready!!! It’s too soon! What if no one will like it!”. I’ve decided to not show my fears and said yes before I’ve managed to talk myself out of it. I did it too many times in my life and decided that this is my life chance and I will say ye to everything they will

You will never believe my friends, but I was so excited and so super happy that I plugged my router wrong way up and had no internet LOL!!! How could I did it!!! Luckily I had my mobile internet so I was recording from my phone but did not had other device to see myself while transmitting….

I must to tell you my friends I was so stressed but so many my friends has come to watch and I was recognizing once she was reading the comments, everyone were so nice and supportive that something which was at first seems to me it is going to be disaster has actually turned out to be one of the best days.

Even though I was very nervous somehow thanks to lovely support I’ve managed to play along and even created two projects .

First one was with amazing collection from Paper Discovery:

It was all about showing the different ways to create a card from dies rather than just cut it and add to the card.

For this one I’ve used few of the dies:




And then for my second card, because me and Lou were showcasing Slimline cards I made that lovely card for Mother’s Day, which was coming on following Sunday. Here is how it turned out:

For that one I’ve used some of the latest release of Creative dies, which I really love as they are having designs for all shapes and sizes you may think of. For the card I’ve chosen the one with lovely sewing edge:

These lovely colours reminding me of the Spring, the photo don’t give it justice, but they are actually shiny and all thanks to my favourite shiny sprays from Aladine:

I hope you enjoyed my inspirations and thank you all once again for being here for me. I will try to nourish this blog with more inspirations and photos and some interesting stories or maybe behind the scene photos as well.

Meantime thank you for stopping buy and I’m wishing you all a fabulous day or evening dependently your time zone. Stay blessed my friends, sending you all a massive hugs. Marta❤️❤️❤️

Back to blog…

Hello my lovely friends,

It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything on my blog but in my head I was keep thinking of bringing back my blog to live and finally decided that I have to take some action as time is never right so why cannot it be now?

There’s been a tons of changes to my crafty journey and too many to even list them all but the past few month has been extremely busy and exciting as well. For the most important we moved house and now I’m in totally new space, which I must to admit I love much more than my old studio as I have a bit more space here… but still messy the same. I think I already lost my hope on that I ever get orginized… lol

I’ve beed also blessed with amazing opportunity to join Craft Stash design team something I’m truly grateful for as this was my dream for a long time. I’ve started designing for myself and share my digital designs with others. I had my first Live with Lou on Friday as well as my first article being published on Simply Cards & Papercfaft Magazine and all happen in a very short period of time.

Now I’m finally starting to being more organized with getting into the routine of daily crafting and balancing between my own crafting/designing, having a little eBay store and all commissioned artwork, which I truly love it and I’m so much thankful for having this amazing life filled with passion and that through my passion I’m able to help to providing for our family.

Thank you so very much my friends for all your support and I promise I will try not to neglect this blog again. Starting from next week I will be doing some reorganization and clean up so maybe I will do a little studio reveal and few of my organizational tips. But for now I wish to invite you to check my channel to see what new projects I’ve made.

I’ve also designed my new logo for my Drop of Sunshine creations.
getting ready for showing my slim line cards on Craft Stash Facebook live…

Here are some of the supplies from this gorgeous canvas I’ve made:
















Thank you so very much my friends, I hope you will enjoy this little catch up and I’m wishing you all a fabulous day. Stay safe and blessed. Sending you all hugs. Marta Xx

Busy of being busy…

It’s been some time my friends since I’ve posted anything here. This supposed to be my blog – the diary of my passion and my everyday artwork. At least that was my goal when I was starting this blog.

My studio got messy and cluttered the same as my schedule. Some days I feel like a dog spinning around trying to catch his own tail. I feel like I’m busy but not feeling as productive as I wish to. Today I read the very important thing that:


So I’ve decided to make some changes and shift my focus onto things, which has a true matter to me and keeping my blog is one of them. I need to reorganize my working space. I need to declutter my desk and shift my focus onto my priorities rather than running constantly and being active on a hundred groups, spreading myself thin and trying to pull all the strings, which really doesn’t move me in any direction…

My dream, my goal, my desire and my life passion is to become a full-time artist and designer. I want to share my love for handmade crafts with the world and bring some sunshine. I want to spread kindness and love and make this world a happy place…

There is a lot to be changed but the main change always starts from the inside. I had some time to rethink my objectives and to decide which patch to choose. And I hope that returning to my blogging and recording my daily work will be the tool which helps me to improve myself and to make that step toward my dreams.

Thank you and wishing you all the best. Stay blessed. Marta

The project I’ve created a year ago to remind myself all the values I want my Drop of Sunshine to be and represent.

Saving my birthday card!

Good morning my friends!!!

If you are crafting you definitely had some oopsies. I had mine while creating this card, but as my dear friend Elizabeth has commented bellow my tutorial: “in card making there’s never a mistake, only happy accidents!

So I’ve made sure I turned this oopsie into my happy accident:

Here is some close up photos:

List of supplies:

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Today I’ve created this lovely card with good vibe on it. The sentiments are in Polish and they say: time for break, relax, catch a moment and the biggest one: enjoy life. Wishing you all fabulous weekend 😘😘😘

Autumn outside, spring on the table

Today i just woke up to the grey rainy sky and I though that day like this deserves a little bit of springish touch… I had a few pieces leftover strips, so I’ve turned them into this lovely card

All papers are from Spring Morning Dreams collection from Craft O’Clock, I only add a little ribbon, few gold pearls and pale blue stamens, plus this sentiment is die-cut from Spellbinders die. The card is in DL size.

Hope you enjoyed my today’s inspiration and I’m wishing you all a wonderful day. Stay blessed. Marta <3<3<3

in two languages…

Hello my friends, after a very long break I’m back to my blog, and I know I have so much to catch up here. Will be posting some photos of my cards, that I’ve created over this time, but today wanted to share card I’ve made in two languages

to create this card I’ve used a design papers from Craft O’Clock along some die cut elements from their range. I hope you are enjoying my card and I’m wishing you all a wonderful day ❤️❤️❤️

❤️❤️❤️ little things….. Happy Sunday my Friends!!! ❤️❤️❤️

A little video with some positive kick and also to send you my love and some good vibes for this amazing Sunday and the whole coming week. I hope you will enjoy my card and my little chitchat. Stay blessed my friends and I’m wishing you tons of happiness and joy❤️❤️❤️

Here are some close up photos:

List of supplies:

  • White linen cardstock
  • Craft O’Clock – Basic Paper Set 1
  • Craft O’Clock – The Sweetsters – Extras to cut II
  • Craft O’Clock – Extras to cut – Leaves VI
  • Craft O’Clock – Catch a moment – Quotes II
  • Craft O’Clock – Catch a moment – Quotes III
  • plastic doll house frame
  • pink and blue texture paste
  • brick stencil
  • two pink foam flowers
  • blue stamens
  • pearl string garland
  • double sided tape
  • PVA glue
  • hot glue

Trust yourself and shine on… Another inspiring canvas for my motivational wall❤️❤️❤️

Today I want to share with you a very special project, which I’ve made for myself to memorialize this very important time in my life and this huge life opportunity I was given. I wanted to start my journey with Sklep Craft O’ Clock from something meaningful and close to my heart. So I created a little mixed media canvas, which I’m planning to hang on my inspirational wall as a reminder of how far I have gone and how much more is still to conquer. I hope you will enjoy my video and I’m wishing you all a fabulous day. ❤️❤️❤️

Coral colour card for 35th Wedding Anniversary❤️❤️❤️

Hello my friends, today wanted to share a coral colour card for 35th Wedding Anniversary. The video is recorded in both English and my mother tongue as well. So below you will find two links to each versions. Hope you will enjoy it and I’m wishing you all a wonderful day and a fantastic week.

video in English
filmik po polsku

And here are some close up photos:

List of supplies:

  • Tattered Lace embossing folder – Victorian Rose
  • Tattered Lace – Charisma Peony – Click, Print and Go! Cd with matching die
  • Spellbinder – Romantic Vines
  • Spellbinders – Etched Alphabet die
  • Presscut – Circle Nesting Die
  • heart punch
  • Happy Anniversary clear stamp
  • Wow – Gold embossing powder
  • Wow – Taffeta Pink embossing powder
  • Moon Glow – Golden Pumpkin Blush embossing powder
  • Rose paper – Flowers Blooming Paper Pad from TheWorks
  • chipboard – Scrapiniec
  • Lady E designs – Flower 001
  • pearl garland
  • centura pearl paper – peach colour
  • white cardstock
  • peach ribbon 6 mm wide
  • coral ribbon 25 mm wide
  • florist sizzal
  • gold string
  • Nuvo clear drops – Morning Dew

How to create chocolate box base for non standard chocolate bar

❤️❤️❤️ Hello my beautiful friends,

I’m so so sorry for neglecting my blog lately, but it’s been so much going on and I’ve been super super busy over last few weeks, that I barely had any free time. As I’m just trying to catch up here… I’m just gonna show you one of my latest projects, which I’ve made for an exchange with another lovely crafter. I recorded video, but due to it’s length plus I wanted to show you the whole box building process I divided video into two parts.

Hope you will enjoy them both and I’m wishing you all a fantastic day ❤️❤️❤️

Part 1
Part 2

Here is some close up photos of my chocolate box:

Circle shape card inspired by Christina’s “All shapes and sizes” challenge posted at the CraftWorld

❤️❤️❤️ Hello my friends, Wanted to show you how I’ve made this circle shaped card, on which I was inspired by Christina Griffiths challenge, she posted at CraftWorld. The challenge is opened till 9th of June so if you want to, you can still pop over and post your lovely artwork there, as there is a fantastic prize to be won. Here is a link to it:

Ane here is my video tutorial, where I will show you the card I’ve made:

Few close up photos of the card:

List of supplies used for my card:

  • sturdy cardstock, minimum A3 size in 250-400 gsm
  • Card Making Magic Quatrefoil Trellis die
  • Crafters Companion ornate lace 3D embossing folder
  • Sizzix border die
  • Sheena Douglass Perfect Partners A Rosy Outlook Metal Die
  • Spellbinders Sentiments One Die
  • Spellbinders Etched Alphabet Dies
  • green colour paper
  • distress inks in green shade
  • silver miri card
  • floral pattern embossing folder
  • pearl garland
  • half pearls 3mm size
  • two foamiran flowers
  • ribbon
  • hot glue

Snowdrop card made with free gift from Simply Cards & Papercraft Magazine Issue 199

❤️❤️❤️ Hello my friends, Today I just want to quickly pop in to share with you this lovely card I’ve almost managed to complete before my shift at work.😄 This card is my way of saying thank you to my dear crafty friend Pam, who is always here for me and she is always leaving my those lovely heart-touching messages under every single of my blog posts. Thank you so much Pam for all your love and support, I really appreciate that! ❤️❤️❤️

Here are some close up photos of the card:

List of supplies:

Star bokeh effect made with embossing powder

❤️❤️❤️Hello my Friends, Today’s video is a simple yet great looking project you can very easily recreate. This is reverse order from the orginal bokeh technique. I hope you will enjoy my video:

And here are some close up photos of the card:

List of supplies:

Altenew Modern Blooms Magazine Volume 1

Hello my friends, today just wanted to share the card I’ve made using this gorgeous Altenew Modern Blooms stamp and die set. This is a wedding anniversary card and I’ve decided to play a little bit with this Altenew set and gold WOW embossing powder. I hope you will enjoy my video:

Here are some close up look of the card:

List of supplies:

  • Altenew Modern Blooms magazine Volume 1
  • WOW gold embossing powder
  • embossing ink pad
  • Creative Expressions Tartan Trellis embossing folder
  • tiny heart dies: I used one from Presscut
  • A5 white card base
  • A5 size pieces of pink and grey cardstock
  • vellum
  • 2 gold brads
  • gold half pearls
  • hot glue
  • double sided tape and PVA glue

Live your life in colours…

❤️❤️❤️ Hello my Sunshines…

I’m coming back with the card I’ve made using my leftover scraps I had after making my ink sprays. If you consider my style the card in minimalist, but I love this clean and simple look. Here is a link to my video tutorial, I hope you will enjoy it and I wish everyone a wonderful day❤️❤️❤️

And as always a couple of close up photos:

I love how shiny that mirri card is

List of supplies:

  • Memory box Isabella Butterfly die
  • 35 piece Alphabet die set – Papercrafter magazine Issue 101
  • Tonic Studios Rose and Daffodill die set
  • Sincere Sentiments – free gift from Cardmaking & Papertcraft, one of the issues from 2016, not sure which one
  • Ink sprays
  • Wow gold embossing powder
  • Gold Mirri cardstock
  • White card 250gsm
  • 8×8 white card base
  • gold half pearls 8mm
  • hot glue and PVA glue
  • foam tape

Blue and green ombre effect birthday card with butterflies…

Hello my friends and welcome back at my blog. Today wanted to show you, how I’ve made this lovely blue and green ombre card. To make the background I’ve used my handmade sprays and once it was dry I’ve put some embellishment mousse using a stencil.

I combine this lovely background with a satin finish gold paper I had in my stash and then added few butterflies to finish it off.

Here are some close up photos of the card:

At first I forgot that white frame, but I just added it on latter

List of supplies:

  • 8×8 white card base
  • 2x gold colour cardstock A4 size
  • 1 piece of white colour cardstock A4 size
  • ink sprays in shades: blue and green
  • Nuvo Embellishments Mousse: Pacific Teal and Aloe Vera
  • Creative Expressions Mauritius Die
  • Creative Expressions Pavo Die
  • Memory Box Isabella Butterfly Die
  • The Crafters Workshop stencil TWC216s
  • white and gold frame topper
  • Viva decor paper pens shades 602 and 701
  • 4 gold pearls
  • blue sparkly ribbon
  • green heart embellishment
  • foam pads or foam tape
  • hot glue
  • double sided tape and PVA glue