Elegant Christmas card with embossed stamps

❤️❤️❤️ Hello everyone, today I’d love to share my new card, I’ve made using a free stamp set included in one of the crafting magazines and I absolutely love the way it turned out. The card is easy to make and doesn’t really require a lot of supplies.

To make it I’ve used a few embossing powders and once I have images stamped and embossed I cut it all out using scissors. In case you don’t have any embossing powders you can also stamp images using colourful inks or if you want to, you can stamp it with black basic ink and go around it with some markers or pencils.

I also want to remind everyone that, in my last video I decided to make a little surprise for you and if you are interested to get one of my cards you can take a part in that giveaway till 10th of November, all the details are in that video, to which link is here:

And going back to my card, beside the embossing powders I used an embossing folder and then added a little strips of red colour cardstock on both sides. I also used a piece of gold mirror card, from which I cut out a frame for my sentiment. I finished my card with ribbon and a couple of nuvo drops.

Here is a link to my tutorial, where you can check how I’ve made this card:

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Christmas card and giveaway!

Today I’m sharing with you my new tutorial along with a little giveaway, which is my way of saying thank you for being here for me. ❤️❤️❤️

This is a lovely Christmas card in pink and teal colours, to which I was inspired by a piece of pattern paper, which was included as a free gift in crafting magazine.

Both baubbles and quote has been embossed with Ranger embossing powder and coloured with Artiste watercolour pens. And I also mat and layered everything with a teak colour cardstock. Finally added a few pearl drops and a lovely ribbon with a sparkly gem.

© Marta Debicka

I really happy how it turned out. If you would like to see how I’ve made it, here is a link to my YouTube video:

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❤️❤️❤️Little thought for “All Saints Day”

I grew up in the country, which wasn’t really celebrating Halloween. What we do have instead, is an “All Saints Day”, when we are visiting the graves of our friends and family who passed away and pay them our respect, by lightening some candles and make our prayers for their souls. This is a time when I always think of those ones, who are gone forever😢 and on this occasion I want to share a sympathy card, which I’ve made recently and also wanted to say that we should always treat others with kindness and respect and that that we should always be careful, what we are saying one to another as we never know if that is what is going be our last words to that person. I’m sending you my love. Stay blessed. Marta ❤️❤️❤️

Watching my dreams coming true!

Napoleon Hill once said, that the dream is a goal with a deadline. And this is something I can really agree with. I also made my dreams scheduled and planned and now for the very first time I had opportunity to observe, how it’s start turning into reality right in front of my own eyes.

It was my biggest dream of all to have my own piece of land, with a lovely little house, a couple of chickens and a large garden with fruits and vegetables. For some, it may not seems like a really big dream, but for someone, who started from not having a penny it was almost impossible to achieve it. Yet, planned well, after a few years of hard working and saving every extra pound, which went to our pocket, finally, we made it. We purchase land and now we have made all necessary preparations for our house to be built next year.

Although, once I started feeding my soul with all self-improvements books, making my affirmations and a vision board, I was pretty much sure that sooner or later we will managed to full fill this dream. However only this year, exactly last month when we made our last trip to Poland and getting organised with all the house plans and building permissions for the very first time I could feel on my skin how this long time waited dream is coming real.

Getting all set for foundations, which will be built next year. Roll on 2020!
We love that big walnut tree and we are keeping it!

And there is even more to that! Once we come back from holidays our friend offered us that he is happy to take some of our stuff as he is travelling to Poland with an empty van to collect something. OMG! Yes, yes! At this point, I feel like the whole world is on our side and everything is coming together so nicely! So we packed as much as we could and I really start feeling like this is happening.

Anyway, packing those boxes I also decided to pack some stuff from my studio, which I knew I’m not going to use in next six months or so. Mainly it was extra cardstock and some other bits, which I’m very rarely reaching for. But I must to admit that I have forgot, how many stuff I have collected over the years!!!! I was literally shocked! I keep saying: Oh I need this or that…. but honestly I have so many supplies that some were laying in my drawers still unpacked for at least two or three years. At this point I felt like I should be ashamed for every time I was complaining that I don’t have enough supplies, when in the reality I’m not even using what I have.

So this year I’m committing myself to not spend even a penny on any craft supplies!!! I will play with what I have, period. So I found few Christmas stamp sets, which were free gift to magazines and I started making some cards out of it. And here is my first set of cards:

I also made a YouTube totorial, so if you would like to see, how I’ve made those cards, hare’s a link to the video:


Like I’ve said in the video, if you have any wish or dream in your heart, just keep going. Keep that dream alive by constantly thinking of it and visualising it, and I’m sure that with the time it will come your way! I wish you all the best, sending you my love and some positive vibes.

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❤️❤️❤️ Hello Everyone! My name is Marta and I would love to warmly welcome you at my blog. I’m a mum and a wife, who is a passionate card-maker. I will be sharing with you my projects and I hope this will give you some inspiration. I also hope that my work will bring you a drop of sunshine, which will brighten up your day. Thank you so much for visiting my page and I hope to see you again. ❤️❤️❤️

Good morning Sunshine! Getting back on MM track…

I had this incredible luck in my life that I came across to self-improvement literature. Before I’ve started my journey I didn’t knew a lot about motivation, affirmation, self-discipline and there is still a lot for me to learn. But deep inside, I always knew I wanted my life to be something more than just graduation and working the 9 till 5 job until retirement.

When I first started reading self-help books I was so startled by the fact that many of the things I was reading about I somehow already knew in my heart. They were well known life truths, which I simply haven’t followed. But even reading about the things we know can be revealing and lightening and that was the case for me.

I slowly started introduce myself to new and new beautiful authors, which has left their imprint on my soul. One of them who left the mark on my heart and my mind was Hal Elrod, the author of “The Miracle Morning”.

I have to admit, that when I read Hal’s book for the first time I felt so inspired that I was ready to make a life time commitment to religiously follow his routine till the end of my time! Although I’ve got myself off to a good start, I went through a series of life events, which has cooled down my entire enthusiasm and as a result I felt down completely.

However, it was one of those ideas I could not get rid of my mind. Even though I wasn’t starting my days as I wanted, I still kept thinking about it over and over again.

Finally, becoming a mum was a turning point in my life. I grew up to realize that I “must” to become a person, who I want my son to have as a lightening example in his own life. So I slowly started reshaping my life to become a life of my dreams. I want it to become a life full of passion, gratefulness, happiness, mindfulness, and creativity.

With the new strength and feeling enhanced I made this conscious decision that I want to restore my morning routines. But this time I’m wiser to know that despite the numbers of times I will fall off the wagon (which is very easy when you look after the baby) it is important to keep my eyes set on my goals rather than to much stress over one fail here and there. At the end of the day, all it will matter is the progress and the journey I’ve made.

To keep myself motivated to write down my thoughts and things I’m grateful for, I’ve painted myself a cover for my Journal, being inspired by one of the tutorials made by watercolour artist I’ve watched on YouTube. I’m really pleased the way it turned out and I already cannot wait till the next morning to start using it!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I hope my words and my artwork has brighten up your day a little bit and if it did, please share it with your friends. On the bottom of this post I will add a link to this awesome book I was telling you about and if you have ever read something amazing that has change your life, please let me know in the comment, so we can all bring some inspiration to each other. I’m sending you my love and I wish you all a miraculous day!!

Feeling happy and blessed…

For as long I remember I was living in a rush. Every single day when I opened my eyes I was already feeling overwhelmed with all the tasks and jobs written on my “to do lists”. Yes lists… if one wouldn’t be enough I was making dozen of those, writing down enormous amount of things to do, which as you can imagine I was never able to complete.

This was making me feel even worse, unproductive and anxious. Now things has changed for me. Becoming a mum was my turning point in my life. In order to be a lightening example I had to become “that person”, with all that values, which I wanted to pass to my beloved son.

I invested time to listen to encouraging messages, positive affirmation and read some inspirational books. This had a tremendous impact on my life. I not only start changing into desired direction, I start feeling blessed and grateful and my life become abundant.

I started living my dream and although there is still long way to make my dreams come true I’m happy from where I am. In my old life I was only looking for finish line, now I’m truly enjoying the views on my path.

I didn’t managed to completed my project I was working on yesterday. But instead of feeling unproductive I took a few moments to enjoy myself from being surrounded with all pretty things in my studio.

Feeling inspired I was able to make a few lovely flowers. I’m really proud of myself. Despite my workload has not being completed I’m feeling great and thankful for this amazing opportunity I have in my life, that I’m able to create pretty things and I have this incredible luck to being able to follow my passion for handmade art and crafts.

This is the gorgeous pattern paper I was inspired by to make my flowers.

Wedding card

Good morning my Sunshines,

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Mine was was great and very successful. Along with my family, we made a wee shopping trip to a bigger town, which is approximately 100 miles away from the place we live. I was hopping to find a dress for my brother in law wedding.

I knew exactly what I was looking for and I had this dress in-visioned in my mind. All way down I was thinking on it and then the most incredible thing happen to me. I found this perfect dress in exact colour I was thinking of it. Here is more: I not only bought in the first shop we went to, but it was the last one from that kind, so it was priced down on sale!!! How lucky girl I am! I’m so grateful for this amazing dress and for the whole lovely day we spend together…. And of course, the surplus cash from my dress fund I’ve used to buy couple crafty supplies:)

And speaking about the weeding I wanted to share this beautiful easel card along with matching box, I’ve made for my friend, on her sister wedding.

This is one of my favourite designs. I used it for many different occasions. I really love how this striplet die from Creative Expressions is perfectly matching on the bottom of that easel card.

I also like to match different embossing folders, giving my papers different texture. This is a great way to use your plain cardstock, or when you don’t have a lot of designed pattern papers.

I also added a money wallet to the inside top part of the card. To make it I’ve used my envelope tool from We R Memory Keepers.

I’ve dressed the box in the same style as card. These two hearts in the centre are cut outs leftovers from cutting that frame for my card. This way I saved a lot on this beautiful shiny speciality paper.

Usually when I’m making wedding cards I tend to stick to traditional colours white on white look, or adding some gold and silver accents. This time I wanted to make something different, so I add a bit of pink and mint. I love how these two turned out.

List of supplies:

Anniversary card

Today wanted to share with you this beautiful card I’ve made for my friend to give to his wife on their anniversary. I’m usually avoiding bold colours and rather stick to pastel palette, but from time to time I’m trying to stretch myself by leaving my comfort zone. And what’s better colour to use for love card?? Off course it has to be red.

Love this white/red combination.

I wanted to keep this card simple and elegant, but to make it more special I’ve made a little shaker, which I’ve filled with tiny heart sequins. To make this paper behind shaker I’ve stamp and embossed a lovely stamp from Viva Decor set called Love. The front panel is dry embossed, and to enhance the pattern even more I’ve stick a little pearls to it.

These little flowers are cut from white card and then I coloured them with my distress inks and attached little pearl in the centre.

To make it more special I’ve packed card into a box instead of envelope and I also made a matching tag to go with it.

List of supplies:

Making your own gift box plus quick tip for tying a bow

❤️❤️❤️Hello my beautiful friends,

I’m back with another tutorial. This time I will show you how to measure and put up a gift box. I hope you will enjoy this tutorial and you will find a value in in. Sending you my love and wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!!!!❤️❤️❤️

Here is link to my video tutorial: