Hello my friends,

There will be lots of changes coming to my page but for now, I wanted to share with you my first digital collection, which I’ve designed thinking of Valentines, but also all weddings, anniversaries, welcome baby and many more occasions.

The collection contains 14 papers: 7 designs and 7 matching inserts.

The entire collection is available in one set for a very affordable price of £6 – less than 50p per design (considering that you can print it in as many copies as you like), but I’m also giving you the option to buy papers individually and pay only for the designs you like the most.

I’m also having a matching set of labels, which contains 80 digital elements.

The entire collection is available on my new page, which I’m just starting to build up and I wish to warmly invite you there

Or you can see all the papers on my Extras section of my Buy Me a Coffee page:


The money raised from selling this collection and all others which will be coming shortly will help me to keep continuing to design and share more printable papers with you (including free ones too!)

And for that, I’m so grateful for all your support for my family and my creations.

If you will be looking forward to seeing some inspirations made from these papers, check my free Facebook live classes:

And here you can see a couple of my projects made from these papers:

HERE YOU CAN SHARE YOUR CREATIONS MADE FROM MY PAPERS: https://craftworld.com/s/drop-inspiration/


And just to let you know my friends, you can also support me by using one of my affiliate links, they do not generate any extra cost to you and you are still able to use all your offers and discounts, however, a little commission is paid to me each time you make your purchase by entering the store via one of my links. This is a huge help to me and thanks to it I’m able to work on new content and also provide you with free designs to download. Click one of the links below and save it for the next time you will be making your crafty shopping.

SHOP UK: https://tidd.ly/3w77o10

SHOP US: https://shrsl.com/2x3pc

❤️ Thank you so much for all your help and support my friends. Hugs. Marta ❤️


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