one year anniversary of my design papers

Hello my friends,

I hope everyone are well. I’ve not had a chance to post anything on my blog for ages but I’ve been super busy and a lot of things has been going on in my crafty live.

Here is a quick video which is an introduction to what I have planned for tomorrow:

That was my very first ever paper collection I ever shared:

all these designs are now available at:

Buy me a coffee

(I switched to BMC to help out my budget as I’m spending long hours designing these free papers plus additionally the platform provides me with statistics so I know how many friends are downloading my papers, which will be handy to estimate how much interest is in my designs if I would ever decide to produce a hard copy. There are no obligations to pay for my free papers or to use options to buy a coffee, this is simply a gesture of support to a creator)

And here is my card made out of these Autumn collection papers

Thank you so much my friends for all, watching my videos and sharing them.

You can also support my creations by using one of my affiliate links. By using one of those links or any other one I’m giving you here or underneath my YouTube videos and the rest of my social media, you are supporting me and my family as Craft Stash is paying me a little % for every time you are buying anything from the store by visiting it via one of my links, for which I’m very grateful as this helps me to add to my family budget.


Love you all and wishing you a wonderful week!!!

Hugs. Marta

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