Card Making Magic – my take on Designer Card Front die

Good morning friends and happy Tuesday everyone!!!

There is so much going on lately that I have ton’s to catch up with you my friends.

I had my first online Facebook classes and I’m already planning to arrange another ones.

I also made a few tutorials and here is one from them:

I was playing with Card Making Magic dies creating this lovely card.


Shop UK / Shop US

I love this simple idea and I’m very happy how this card turned out.

I also wanted to show few of my recent makes as well (I have another YT video, were I’ve created this purple card):

Plus I’ve made a few others as well:

And here is a card I’ve made on my first classes:

This card was entirely made out of my design papers, which you can download here:



For more inspiration you can visit my other social media:

Lastly just a wee shout about today’s Hot Sale!!! So many awesome crafty goodies to grab:

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And just to let you know my friends, in my posts I use affiliate links, which does not affect the price you are paying while making your purchase. By using one of those links or any other one I’m giving you here or underneath my YouTube videos and the rest of my social media, you are supporting me and my family as Craft Stash is paying me a little % for every time you are buying anything from the store by visiting it via one of my links, for which I’m very grateful as this helps me to add to my family budget.



Love you all and wishing you a wonderful weekend!!! Hugs. Marta

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