Happy birthday Craft Stash!!!

Hey friends,

Just a quick post to let you all know that Craft Stash is celebrating their 6th birthday !!!!

They will have lots of fun activities and great deals too! Today is a truly wonderful opportunity to stock up on Card Making Magic! There is these fabulous deal on 3 for £15 / 3 for $20 🤗🤗

Shop UK / Shop US

And here is a photo of a card I’ve made using one of the dies from that offer:

I’m wishing you all a lovely day and hopefully will see you shortly.😘😘😘

And as always I’m sending you lots of love and positive energy. Stay safe and blessed. Hugs. Marta


And just to let you know my friends, in my posts I use an affiliate links, which does not affect the price you are paying while making your purchase. By using one of those links I’m giving you here or underneath my YouTube videos and other social media, you are supporting me and my family as Craft Stash is paying me a little % for every time you are buying anything from the store by visiting it via one of my links, for which I’m very grateful as this helps me to add to my family budget.

So for any of your purchase in Craft Stash, if you wish to support me, please use one of the following links:

for shopping UK 👉 https://tidd.ly/3w77o10

for shopping US 👉 http://shrsl.com/2x3pc

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