how I became a self-made designer…

My friends,

Today I’m sharing with you a quick story… it will be about one little girl who was always afraid to even try… and as you may guess this little girl is me…

For many years I had a dream in my heart that I wanted to become a full-time crafter designer and rather than keep my crafts a side hobby I dreamed of being able to do what I love and make enough of it to keep my bread on the table.

But having dreams is one thing. It turns out, that much harder one is to actually work on them. For many years I was only wondering in my head how lovely it would be to work as a full-time artist and create my own brand of crafty products… But besides the daydreaming there was no much action to follow and as you can guess no results either.

Years were flying by but nothing was changing. The actual breakthrough came with my son. My little precious baby boy who couldn’t even speak gives me the most valuable lesson.

While I was watching him it hit me with that obvious truth… he never doubts himself not even for a second. If he couldn’t raise his head up or grab a toy with his tiny fingers he would try over and over and over and over again until he finally made it. Me quite opposite… I talked myself out from almost every opportunity I was given. If there was a tiny little chance that I could fail on that this would prevail me from even trying.

This really hit me. Did I ever even try hard enough to have this standing to justify my complaints? Of course not! How come this is possible that this little baby got so much perseverance when I have so little of it. I honestly felt embarrassed… embarrassed that I’ve been bragging about how I cannot move forward when I’m not even trying hard, well… forget trying hard I’m not even trying at all. I’ve been dressing myself up with another layer of excuses: I don’t know how to do it, I don’t have the equipment, don’t know where to start, don’t know if anyone would be interested in it… and so on, so on…

This had to be changed!

Apart from my precious little baby the help come in from my lovely friends and crafty family over the Craft World, they showed me so much love and support that I finally had to say it to myself: “Marta if not now then when???”

One thing I learned over the years of my life is that time is never right. We could always use another hour, another day, another week, month, year or decade… but do we really have all this time? So for the very first time I’ve jumped straight into these deep waters…. and guess what? I didn’t get drowned. All my fears which were holding me back for many years turn out to be unfounded projections on my own overthinking process.

I did it!!! My friends, I did it!! And maybe that may not seems like a huge thing. And I may not reach the summit of Mount Everest, but I did it! I reject my fears and not only survived but start flourishing.

And yes…but creating a few designs I didn’t become a world well-known designer or founded my own paper company, which turned into a huge success… but what I did is mine and most importantly for myself I’ve opened the door which were locked for many years and once I put some lights on my fears they turned nothing but that bogeyman under the bed, which gives us freight but doesn’t really exist.

I hope my story will help those who are scared to start something they hold dearly in their hearts… If you are one of them my friend please please do not give up! Whatever spark God give you in your heart please follow that dream, find that inner child who has this powerful mindset of trying things until succeeded. I’m wishing you that with all my heart and praying for your determination, perseverance and prosperity in fulfilling your own dreams.

And here I wish to share with you the videos of my designs… I did 3 so far and I’m still learning but I love it and being able to create and share it with others is what really brings me the joy.




I hope you enjoyed today’s blog my friends and I hope it will encourage you to follow your own dreams. I’m not on the top of the mountain but I’ve made my first steps into this journey and this year for a change I’ve decided to jump into every opportunity I will be given… and so far I can say that in these quick five months period from when I’ve started designing I did and probably achieved more that over the past 9 years of my cardmaking adventure. Do I regret that I haven’t started earlier? I’m trying not to, however… Even that we try hard to not live in the “Regretland” I’m sure you all have the same thought in regards to your own decisions and things which you failed to even try. What if….? So to avoid that haunting question of “what if?”…. just let go of all that limiting believes and give yourself chance to try.


6 thoughts on “how I became a self-made designer…”

  1. A powerful story Marta, I always have believed that things come to those that wait. A few years ago wasn’t the right time for you, now you have blossomed and gained so much confidence from your lovely baby boy and the time is right! The opportunity came to you and you are showing the world your amazing talent in designing papers and creating such amazing projects. Next step is to create your own brand my friend. I am sure that is in the pipeline of your future plans and cannot wait to see an explosion of Drop of Sunshine products ❤️❤️ I believe in you too Marta xxx

    1. Dear Suzi!!! Thank you so much for such an incredibly kind words. I’m trying to keep thinking this way, that the right time come in when I become ready. And thank you for saying that you believe in me, this truly mean a lot❤️❤️❤️

  2. Sooooo sooo wonderful to read through this story here Marta. I absolutely love to hear how far you´ve come in your journey, and I have no doubts, that you WILL make it all the way to the summit of the mountain. Your work is absolut stunning and your designs are soooooooooooooo beautiful and perfect for almost anything I can think of creating. I was sooo glad to read, how you finally gave in and just went for your dream, and I wish many more people would do that too, cause thhen we would see a world of happy confident people, who worked with what they love, and wouldn´t that be a huge dream come true for everyone? Sooo exited, that I´m so lucky to follow you on your way to the tiop, and sooo exited to see, when you finally reach it sometime soon, And I know you will, and I can asure you, I´ll stand behind you all the way, and if you ever need any help for anything, just yell, and I´ll see what I can do for you, I promisse.
    Have a wonderful Easter ahead and loads of great fun.

    1. Thank you so much Maryann for such a beautiful comment and for taking your time to write all these kind words. Thank you for supporting and believing in me, this really means a lot to me 🙏❤️❤️❤️ stay blessed my friend and wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter too! 😘😘😘

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