My BIG DAY with Craft Stash ❤️

Hey Friends,

At first I wish to say a huge thank you to everyone who visited my blog yesterday after this awfully long break. Thank you so much my friends for being here and for your lovely messages I’ve received. I’ve also noticed few new friends signing up as well and thank you everyone, this all really motivated me to jump on and write today post as well.

I’m not sure if I keep up with making post everyday but will try at least 2-3 times a week.

Today I’ve been very busy creating some inspiration, which I cannot share with you just jet. But I’ve decided to share with you my big day with Craft Stash. As you may know from my last post I recently joined Craft Stash Design Team. This was something I was secretly dreaming about but it come to me so unexpectedly. Around February time the Craft Stash Boss has contacted me with offering me position in the Team. Usually big companies are organizing that Design Team Call for which everyone applies and than they get to choose the suitable candidates, but for me to be contacted this way it really made me feel appreciated, awarded and really really special. This was one of the best news and best days for a long time and I’m so grateful and thankful for this opportunity to be given to me ❤️

Not long after me joining the team I was offered to join Lou Collins on one of her Friday lives. And off course I agreed straight away, even thought in my head I was screaming “You are not ready!!! It’s too soon! What if no one will like it!”. I’ve decided to not show my fears and said yes before I’ve managed to talk myself out of it. I did it too many times in my life and decided that this is my life chance and I will say ye to everything they will

You will never believe my friends, but I was so excited and so super happy that I plugged my router wrong way up and had no internet LOL!!! How could I did it!!! Luckily I had my mobile internet so I was recording from my phone but did not had other device to see myself while transmitting….

I must to tell you my friends I was so stressed but so many my friends has come to watch and I was recognizing once she was reading the comments, everyone were so nice and supportive that something which was at first seems to me it is going to be disaster has actually turned out to be one of the best days.

Even though I was very nervous somehow thanks to lovely support I’ve managed to play along and even created two projects .

First one was with amazing collection from Paper Discovery:

It was all about showing the different ways to create a card from dies rather than just cut it and add to the card.

For this one I’ve used few of the dies:







And then for my second card, because me and Lou were showcasing Slimline cards I made that lovely card for Mother’s Day, which was coming on following Sunday. Here is how it turned out:

For that one I’ve used some of the latest release of Creative dies, which I really love as they are having designs for all shapes and sizes you may think of. For the card I’ve chosen the one with lovely sewing edge:


These lovely colours reminding me of the Spring, the photo don’t give it justice, but they are actually shiny and all thanks to my favourite shiny sprays from Aladine:


I hope you enjoyed my inspirations and thank you all once again for being here for me. I will try to nourish this blog with more inspirations and photos and some interesting stories or maybe behind the scene photos as well.

Meantime thank you for stopping buy and I’m wishing you all a fabulous day or evening dependently your time zone. Stay blessed my friends, sending you all a massive hugs. Marta❤️❤️❤️

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