Beautiful Christmas card made with dies

❤️❤️❤️ Hello my lovely friends,

I have not posted anything for over a week, but it’s been a quite busy time now in my studio. I’m trying to catch up with all the cards and projects to make sure everything is ready before Christmas…

But I really wanted to pop in and show you this beautiful card I’ve made last week, it’s just I never had time to put the video together. I don’t have a good quality photos for the card as the weather is not on my side these days and I by the time my husband comes back from work and can take our son it is already dark😏 So I’m trying my best to show you this card and although I know that fake light doesn’t do its justice I hope you can still see some of the lovely details of this card.

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful Christmas card made with dies”

  1. Your photos look great, despite the lack of daylight. I find it I use cool white bulbs (or daylight style bulbs) it’s much kinder to true colours than warm white (the yellowish ones). A photo booth is easily made with a white box painted white inside, Bekka Feeken uses one (or used to years ago). Another stunning card Marta, xxx

    1. Thank you so much Mary. I was thinking of buying one of those photo boxes myself but will check Bekka Feeken video first. By the way I love her cards, she is one of my favourite of it comes for elegant cards, one day I want to have all that gorgeous dies she uses,❤️❤️❤️ (but first I think I would have to win lottery or something 😂)

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