Brightening up my day…

As days becomes shorter and darker we tend to feel more tired and lack of energy. This year I’m trying to keep my positive vibes flowing and one of my method to do that is surround myself with nice things and create something pretty, which makes me happy.

I try to use a nice, bright and joyful colours. Sometimes, when I don’t have enough time to create anything I go on my phone and look at some photos of the things I’ve made in the past. And today was one of those days, when I felt like I need a bit of inspiration to help me to go through my day. And here’s what I have found.

This is a lovely card I’ve made for the 10th Wedding Anniversary. I just love this soft colours.

So if any of you feel likes you are don’t have the energy I strongly recommend you to go over your work and look on those beautiful things you make or remind yourself things you are proud of and that will boost your mood instantly. And if you have a bit of time you can create something nice, make a card or even bake a cake, whatever makes you happy and feel good.

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