Watching my dreams coming true!

Napoleon Hill once said, that the dream is a goal with a deadline. And this is something I can really agree with. I also made my dreams scheduled and planned and now for the very first time I had opportunity to observe, how it’s start turning into reality right in front of my own eyes.

It was my biggest dream of all to have my own piece of land, with a lovely little house, a couple of chickens and a large garden with fruits and vegetables. For some, it may not seems like a really big dream, but for someone, who started from not having a penny it was almost impossible to achieve it. Yet, planned well, after a few years of hard working and saving every extra pound, which went to our pocket, finally, we made it. We purchase land and now we have made all necessary preparations for our house to be built next year.

Although, once I started feeding my soul with all self-improvements books, making my affirmations and a vision board, I was pretty much sure that sooner or later we will managed to full fill this dream. However only this year, exactly last month when we made our last trip to Poland and getting organised with all the house plans and building permissions for the very first time I could feel on my skin how this long time waited dream is coming real.

Getting all set for foundations, which will be built next year. Roll on 2020!
We love that big walnut tree and we are keeping it!

And there is even more to that! Once we come back from holidays our friend offered us that he is happy to take some of our stuff as he is travelling to Poland with an empty van to collect something. OMG! Yes, yes! At this point, I feel like the whole world is on our side and everything is coming together so nicely! So we packed as much as we could and I really start feeling like this is happening.

Anyway, packing those boxes I also decided to pack some stuff from my studio, which I knew I’m not going to use in next six months or so. Mainly it was extra cardstock and some other bits, which I’m very rarely reaching for. But I must to admit that I have forgot, how many stuff I have collected over the years!!!! I was literally shocked! I keep saying: Oh I need this or that…. but honestly I have so many supplies that some were laying in my drawers still unpacked for at least two or three years. At this point I felt like I should be ashamed for every time I was complaining that I don’t have enough supplies, when in the reality I’m not even using what I have.

So this year I’m committing myself to not spend even a penny on any craft supplies!!! I will play with what I have, period. So I found few Christmas stamp sets, which were free gift to magazines and I started making some cards out of it. And here is my first set of cards:

I also made a YouTube totorial, so if you would like to see, how I’ve made those cards, hare’s a link to the video:


Like I’ve said in the video, if you have any wish or dream in your heart, just keep going. Keep that dream alive by constantly thinking of it and visualising it, and I’m sure that with the time it will come your way! I wish you all the best, sending you my love and some positive vibes.

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List of supplies:

2 thoughts on “Watching my dreams coming true!”

  1. Your positivity is a real joy, Marta and I wish you all the very best with your house venture…although I don’t envy you the packing and moving! I am sure it will all be worth it when finished and the fact that it has been built just for you, will be very special indeed!
    I have to say, that although it would be nice (a dream even) to have a house with some land and outbuildings, I cannot complain with all that I have and am fortunate enough for us to have a home that is just about big enough for all of our needs (or should that be wants?!) Sometimes, we need to be grateful for all that we have and your posts help to remind me this…
    I love your pretty embossed Christmas cards, they have a simple elegance using only minimal materials…
    Hugs, Lisa x

    1. Hello Lisa😊, thank you so much for your lovely comment. Yes it was a bit stressful with all packing but I couldn’t be more grateful for this amazing opportunity. And I think it made me realise how cluttered our house was until we actually load nearly a full van and I still got plenty left. This was the best move we made. The house automatically become bigger, more specious and so much easier to clean and maintain. I committed myself to not buy any clothing or craft supplies this year, so will se how it will go😉 but I’m definitely on the mission to use all these supplies which were lying neglected by now. Sending you hugs as well, Marta😘😘😘

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