Good morning Sunshine! Getting back on MM track…

I had this incredible luck in my life that I came across to self-improvement literature. Before I’ve started my journey I didn’t knew a lot about motivation, affirmation, self-discipline and there is still a lot for me to learn. But deep inside, I always knew I wanted my life to be something more than just graduation and working the 9 till 5 job until retirement.

When I first started reading self-help books I was so startled by the fact that many of the things I was reading about I somehow already knew in my heart. They were well known life truths, which I simply haven’t followed. But even reading about the things we know can be revealing and lightening and that was the case for me.

I slowly started introduce myself to new and new beautiful authors, which has left their imprint on my soul. One of them who left the mark on my heart and my mind was Hal Elrod, the author of “The Miracle Morning”.

I have to admit, that when I read Hal’s book for the first time I felt so inspired that I was ready to make a life time commitment to religiously follow his routine till the end of my time! Although I’ve got myself off to a good start, I went through a series of life events, which has cooled down my entire enthusiasm and as a result I felt down completely.

However, it was one of those ideas I could not get rid of my mind. Even though I wasn’t starting my days as I wanted, I still kept thinking about it over and over again.

Finally, becoming a mum was a turning point in my life. I grew up to realize that I “must” to become a person, who I want my son to have as a lightening example in his own life. So I slowly started reshaping my life to become a life of my dreams. I want it to become a life full of passion, gratefulness, happiness, mindfulness, and creativity.

With the new strength and feeling enhanced I made this conscious decision that I want to restore my morning routines. But this time I’m wiser to know that despite the numbers of times I will fall off the wagon (which is very easy when you look after the baby) it is important to keep my eyes set on my goals rather than to much stress over one fail here and there. At the end of the day, all it will matter is the progress and the journey I’ve made.

To keep myself motivated to write down my thoughts and things I’m grateful for, I’ve painted myself a cover for my Journal, being inspired by one of the tutorials made by watercolour artist I’ve watched on YouTube. I’m really pleased the way it turned out and I already cannot wait till the next morning to start using it!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I hope my words and my artwork has brighten up your day a little bit and if it did, please share it with your friends. On the bottom of this post I will add a link to this awesome book I was telling you about and if you have ever read something amazing that has change your life, please let me know in the comment, so we can all bring some inspiration to each other. I’m sending you my love and I wish you all a miraculous day!!

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