Feeling happy and blessed…

For as long I remember I was living in a rush. Every single day when I opened my eyes I was already feeling overwhelmed with all the tasks and jobs written on my “to do lists”. Yes lists… if one wouldn’t be enough I was making dozen of those, writing down enormous amount of things to do, which as you can imagine I was never able to complete.

This was making me feel even worse, unproductive and anxious. Now things has changed for me. Becoming a mum was my turning point in my life. In order to be a lightening example I had to become “that person”, with all that values, which I wanted to pass to my beloved son.

I invested time to listen to encouraging messages, positive affirmation and read some inspirational books. This had a tremendous impact on my life. I not only start changing into desired direction, I start feeling blessed and grateful and my life become abundant.

I started living my dream and although there is still long way to make my dreams come true I’m happy from where I am. In my old life I was only looking for finish line, now I’m truly enjoying the views on my path.

I didn’t managed to completed my project I was working on yesterday. But instead of feeling unproductive I took a few moments to enjoy myself from being surrounded with all pretty things in my studio.

Feeling inspired I was able to make a few lovely flowers. I’m really proud of myself. Despite my workload has not being completed I’m feeling great and thankful for this amazing opportunity I have in my life, that I’m able to create pretty things and I have this incredible luck to being able to follow my passion for handmade art and crafts.

This is the gorgeous pattern paper I was inspired by to make my flowers.

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