Power of gratitude

I cannot describe how much my life has changed since I’ve started walking on the path of gratitude. The more appreciation I have for the people and things I’m surrounded with, the more good things I’m attracting in my life.

For many years I was always looking from the perspective of things I’m lacking in my life. Now I live in abundance. Same was for my crafts, I always compared myself to this professional artists with this fancy studios with all stamps, dies and every single colour of ink pad which was ever released.

This hasn’t serve me any good. I was feeling that I’m not good enough, that I have no enough experience, knowledge, supplies… For many years I was watching and admiring tutorials of others, yet I didn’t had enough courage to make my own, thinking I will start to film when I will only have this or that…

When I’ve become a mum my life has changed entirely. In order to raise my son to a brave man, who’s living his life happily, up to it’s full potential, who’s ready to reach for his dreams… I needed to become a lightening example. I committed myself to finally become a person, who I always wanted to be. I invested is self growth, started to listening to positive messages and inspirational audiobooks.

Then things started slowly change…

Not long ago for the very fist time I’ve looked around my craft room and I’ve thought to myself, how many beautiful things I have, which I haven’t been appreciate enough. Some of supplies I haven’t even use. At this moment I felt so lucky to have all of these amazing materials.

Not long after I start feeling gratitude, a lovely lady visit me at my work. She is a retired art teacher. I could not believe, when she told me that she is going to do a craft room clear out and she would like me to have some of her stuff. She brought me a bunch of stamp sets and said that next week she will bring me some more.

These are the beautiful stamps I’ve received from that lovely lady.

I’ve made her a thank you card, but I also wanted to do something special. To honour her gift I’ve decided to make her a set of cards with some of the stamps she gave me. If I had enough time I would do a card with each one of them. But i had to choose something so I’ve decided to use a beautiful rose mini background stamp.

Unfortunately, when I finished it was already dark night, so I had to use a lamp for the photos, so they not look as pretty as in day light.

Here are some close up looks for these lovely cards I’ve made.

4 thoughts on “Power of gratitude

  1. Marta, you are an inspiration. Thank you for reminding me of the beauty of living a life of gratitude. And to your benefactor, for her life of sharing. Blessings.

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