It’s a boy

Hello my Sunshines,

I love pastel colours, that is why I really do love making all sorts of maternity leave, baby shower or welcome baby cards. This is an exploding box I’ve made for my friend from work, when she was leaving for her maternity.

The box is 8 inch tall (around 9 with lid on it) and it has a square base 4 by 4 inches.
I used 12 x 12 soft pastel double sided paper, and lined it with pearl cardstock in the shade of blue, which I also used to cut out the sign ‘It’s a boy’ on the top.
All messages in these circles I’ve printed on the copy paper, cut them out and put some shiny blue foil over it using my mink machine.
All flowers and leaves are also handmade by me. I cut them out from scraps of paper and then coloured them and shaped flowers with shaping mould. I’ve added some pearls and stamens for extra interest.
The baby cot is also made from white cardstock. I’ve filled it with a piece of blue tulle, and I’ve put some lace ribbon underneath, which I fold in a rosette shape.
This is how the closed box presents itself from the side.
And here is one more look from the top.
I’m really happy and delighted from the way it turned out.

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14 thoughts on “It’s a boy”

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, unfortunately I don’t have video on this box but I will be making another one in near future so I’ll try to record this and explain how I put it all together. If you like you can subscribe to my blog and that way you will receive a notifications about my new post and videos. Heartfelt thanks for visiting me here. I’m sending you my love and wish you a lovely evening. Marta 😘

  1. This is lovely ! What a wonderful keepsake .
    I ‘d love to have the measurements in centimetre if possible for the box if
    you ever making a tutorial video if not too much problem , just hopeless
    making things in inches 🙂 Did you make the cradle too ? Love it x

    1. Thank you so much Maria for your lovely comment as well as taking your time to visit me at my blog. I’m planning to record one shortly and I will put measurements in both centimetres and inches. I also grow up with metric scale and even though I’m using imperial one for few years sometimes I still have to calculate it in my head😂😂😂 the cot I’ve made using a die.

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